Guide to Utah DABC Special Orders

How to Get Craft Cider through the Utah DABC Special Order System 

Did you know? We’re working hard to get new products into regular inventory within the Utah State Liquor stores, but until then, individual residents can place special orders for any ciders in our portfolio – through the Utah DABC Special order system online.

Why should you participate as a fan of craft cider? A couple of good reasons:

— Special orders help fill minimum shipping requirements from smaller cideries. Full pallets reduce the overall shipping costs for products, and that means lower prices for you at local bars and restaurants or if you order your own cider by the case. 

— By showing there’s a growing demand for craft cider here in Utah, there is a higher likelihood of the most popular brands and products being stocked on a regular basis. (Meaning: once a product is ordered frequently or consistently at volume, the DABC is happy to stop dealing with special order processing.)

There are a few small caveats, of course, but there’s also a couple of great advantages. Here’s what you need to know about ordering cider through the special order system in Utah.

1) Full Case Orders or Keg orders only. Individuals must order craft cider by the case (24) -12oz cans, (12) 375ml half bottles; OR (12) full size, 750ml wine bottles. Some products may be ordered by the keg.

That’s right – You can order cider by the ½ or ¼ or ⅙ barrel keg!!!

It is LEGAL for individual consumers to special order cider by the keg in Utah, because cider is a wine and not beer. So serious cider lovers can fill their at-home kegerators to pour select varieties of craft cider. 

Caterers and those with private event liquor licenses may also special order cider by the keg to serve at special events like weddings, festivals or conferences. (We offer guided tasting services as well for these types of events!

Cider kegs are currently only available from ANXO, Original Sin, Colorado Cider Company, Liberty Ciderworks and Eden Ciders, in either ⅙ and ½ barrel sizes, depending on the producer.

2) Pricing is only an estimate. Final pricing is not determined until orders have shipped, but estimated pricing for most 12oz can products is comparable to Angry Orchard, Ace, Woodchuck & similar ciders in UT Liquor stores.

Most of our ciders will end up pricing out between $2.00 – $2.75 per can. So for example, at $2.20 per can, a case will end up costing you $53 or about $13 per 6-pack, comparable to buying craft cider in Colorado or Idaho, but without the cost of gas and time to drive there and back. 

Larger formats & fine ciders from Eve’s Cidery or Eden Ciders will run between $12 – $24 for 750ml bottles, and $8 – $12 for 375ml half bottles, on par with many white wines.

3) Special orders require a little patience and lead time.  As of December 2019, only some of our ciders have special order codes assigned. It’s a chicken and an egg issue, because Utah won’t assign a special order code until an item is requested for the first time. 

For example, currently some (but not all) Eden Ciders from Vermont have CSC codes assigned in the DABC system.

Example order form with Item / CSC Codes

However, other Eden products / sizes can be ordered, including their ice ciders and specialty cider aperitifs and craft Orleans for cocktails. You just need to submit the product name, and we’ll work with the DABC to assign CSC codes to complete your order, and then it will be in the system for future re-orders.

— An updated list of our product CSC codes is here to make ordering craft cider easier for consumers, bars & restaurants in Utah.

— Shipping Timelines: Most products also will not ship from a cidery until there’s a full pallet of combined orders from individuals, bars & restaurants, so there may be some delay in processing and receiving orders. (The DABC says special orders may take up to 45 days – but realistically, it may take longer while the out of state cideries wait for more Utah orders to fill pallets.)

— An exception to this rule is Eve’s Cidery – currently they will ship cases of 12 individually to the state without the requirement of a full pallet.

We’re always talking with additional craft cidermakers from around the US to get into the Utah system. Stay tuned for updates on other brands that may be added to our portfolio.

The Utah DABC has a good PDF guide to the special order online system here.

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